Please read instructions carefully in regard to printing these resources.

**These are multipage Boardmaker files. After opening the file go to Print Setup - select Print Setup again- then select the printer you will print to and then choose the paper size and orientation. You may need to make further adjustments for it to print correctly.

Individual Student Core-Fringe Boards

It's helpful to print the main board on cardstock to make it sturdier.

Full color board

Colored borders only

Classroom Core Posters - for the wall

Full color board

Colored borders only

Set of single pictures to attach to poster

Full color pictures

Colored borders only

Pre-K Storybook Fringe Strips

Fringe vocabulary for popular Pre-K storybooks to be attached to core board.

Pre-K Storybook Core-Fringe Boards

These single page boards have the core vocabulary as well as a fringe strip at the top for the associated book. You could send them home with the book for parents to read to their child along with the R.A.A.P. card below.

Are You My Mother?

Beach Flap Book

Book Flap Book

Bug Jar Flap Book

Bird Nest Flap Book

Castle Flap Book

Family Flap Book

Farm Flap Book

I Was So Mad

Jungle Flap Book

Just Go to Bed

Kissing Hand

Lake Flap Book

Lunch Box Flap Book

Peppa Pig


Shape Monster Flap Book

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth

Very Busy Spider

R.A.A.P. (Read Ask Answer Prompt) Cards - Building communication through storybook reading

These are cue cards to help with communication partner modeling use of communication boards and devices during storybook reading. These could also be sent home to parents with the boards posted above.

Pre-K BCCT Fringe Strips

Coming soon!

Printer Friendly Files

Core Board Poster

Core Board - Single pictures for Poster - Colored Borders

Core Board Single Pictures for Poster - Full Color

Core Fringe Student Board Colored Borders

Core Fringe Student Board Full Color